Valentine’s Day… but first…

comes GROUND HOG DAY! I don’t know about you but it’s been a tough winter and this recent thaw has only encouraged my Spring Fever! February 2 is Ground Hog Day and we can only hope that they will NOT see their shadows so we can RUN & JUMP right into SPRING! 

Ok… deep breath… there’s still at least 6 weeks of winter to get through … (Please don’t let them see their little shadows!)

Thank goodness for Valentine’s Day…a  burst of color.. and chocolate! 

There’s just something lovely and sweet about Valentine’s Day– yep pun intended! A day to take extra time to spread a little  joy telling your family, sweet heart, and yes even your pets that you love them…  A day when we can chase the winter blues away with bright red flowers, chocolate, and little candy hearts with cute sayings on them!

To celebrate the last weeks of winter and Valentine’s Day here’s a little ‘secret’ coupon code VALENTINE18 for 10% off our Limited Edition Valentine’s Teas!  …

One of my personal favorite Valentine’s Days.. 

was making a simple afternoon tea for my children.  A menu of cucumber and strawberry jam sandwiches cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter,  a pretty pot of tea,  strawberry scones, and chocolate cupcakes. We made everything together from the nibbles to the paper flowers and paper heart  banners.

After 20 years, what I remember most about that day was their laughing- at me because I was too short to put up the banner high enough so the cats wouldn’t get at it. (They did which caused more laughter as they dragged little paper heart chains around the house with the kids chasing after them to rescue them!)

As always- the point of all this is to suggest we all just keep it simple for yet another over-commercialized holiday. After all what we spend on our Valentine(s) doesn’t matter as much as how we spend our time with them. A simple pot of tea, LISTENING attentively with an open heart, or sharing a laugh can be just as wonderful a gift as a dozen roses…




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