Top 10 Iced Teas for Summer

Summer is right around the corner with heat waves & beach days! Time to refresh with iced tea! Luckily we’ve poured over our tea data from all our tea friends to create a list of the Top 10 Iced teas for Summer at the Little Tea Cart!

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Top 10 Iced Teas for Summer

One of the questions I’m often asked is ‘What’s your favorite iced tea?’ ….

A difficult question to answer- I’m one of the 85% of Americans who drinks iced tea at least 8 or more tall glasses and 5+ tea varieties a day! And that doesn’t include all the small sips of testing tea samples!

The best answer to this question is what are YOUR favorite iced teas to sip on a hot summers day! For the answer I had to look no further than real data Tea Tribers are enjoying the most ! Answers on the Join the Tea Tribe subscribe form, market Q& As, surveys, site analytics and sales data show Tea Tribers really are an adventurous & fun group of tea drinkers!

From this wealth of information we were able to put together a Top 10 Summer Tea list that is FABULOUS!

Top 10 most popular iced teas of Summer 2020, Top 10 Iced Teas for Summer
Ginger Peach Tea, Top 10 Iced Teas

We start the Top 10 Ice Tea Countdown with a year round favorite! Ginger Peach Tea a sweet peachy blend that just makes a Summer Picnic special! Tea Tribers love this blend as a latte- hot or iced. We’ve even hear rumors of it as a base for Summer tea cocktails and salad dressings!

ontario lemonade tea

Ontario Lemonade is #9 but is slowly going up the charts as folks talk about this lovely iced tea blend. Made with NYS Maple, sweet Rooibos, lemon myrtle and lemon & orange peel this is a refreshing iced tea-lemonade combination. It’s so delicious it’s been on a famous blog ! Click here to check out how Sand Dollar Lane enjoyed Ontario Lemonade!

Top 10 Iced Teas

#8 Blueberry Medley- part of our Summer Berry Tea Collection. Add a skewer of fresh berries to your iced tea for a decadent Summer refresher!
This was so popular last Summer we sold out! We recommend getting this set early folks!

Citrus Paradisi Green Tea. Tea Photography Contest with The Little Tea Cart, Top 10 Iced Teas

#7 Citrus Paradisi is a lovely Green Tea with Grapefruit & Cardamon- packed with so much flavor it literally stops traffic at the market when we open the jars!

#6 Raspberry Delight — a bold sweet fruit tisane for a hot Summer’s day by the lake! One Tea friend recommends adding fresh crushed pineapple & freezing for DIY popsicles!

Top 10 Iced Teas for Summer

#5 Oh how popular Hibiscus Cooler is all year– but Tea Tribers really drink a lot of it during the Summer! A tisane that’s sweet from apples and chamomile with a gentle tart flavor from Rosehips & of course hibiscus!

Cherry blossom green tea, loose leaf green scented tea, Top 10 Iced Teas

#4 Cherry Blossom Tea is a limited edition Green Tea only available from March while supplies last– and is very popular for Summer iced teas. A blend of Japanese Sencha, Hibiscus, Cherries (yes REAL Cherries!) & Rose Hips- beauty in your cup.

#3 I’ve loved Moroccan Mint for years- and then I visited a Turkish cafe in NYC and enjoyed a cup of Apple-Mint tea for breakfast. Wonderful stuff! So when we started this Little tea Cart I knew our Moroccan Mint had to have the sweetness of apples! And yes- this is one of my favorites ALL year long but especially for a hot Summer day as the mint really cools!


#2 Strawberry Delight Tea is so popular it really should be tied with our Blood Orange Tisane for most popular Summer tea! A black tea with super packed with berry flavor & yep- real dried strawberries, blueberries and raspberries!
We’re often ask “Why is it called Strawberry Delight?” Because my son- who is still not sure of his love of tea exclaimed… “Why this is just DELIGHTFUL!” when he sampled it years ago when he was shorter than me…

Our #1 Summer Iced Tea is BLOOD ORANGE TISANE!
It’s asked about, ordered and photographed more than any other blend
during Spring & Summer by Tea Tribers!

(PS We love to see your tea pics! so please keep em coming!)
This blend is used so creatively- from sorbets to marinates to floats with sherbet or sorbets! Bold red color and a sweet taste make this a perfect blend with high vitamin C too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first TOP 10 Tea List! It sure was fun researching which Summer Teas were the most popular for 3 years back in January!

Can’t decide which one to try? Check out our samplers!

Want to try all 10? Just select the Top 10 Collection on our sampler page!

Iced Tea Sampler

Post a comment below & share your favorite Little Tea Cart blend to enjoy iced on a Summer’s day!

PS: Wondering what’s coming up for new blends this Summer?

1-word HINT: Lemonade

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Iced Tea Blends for Summer

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Check out the runners up– Paradise Punch is really great iced!

19 thoughts on “Top 10 Iced Teas for Summer

  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing your top 10 tea list! I am a tea than a coffee person, will def be trying out some of the cold tea ideas from where.

    1. Thanks for post Tracy! Sounds like we have similar tea tastes– On really hot days I’ve iced our Ginger Peach tea and put a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream on it with a dash of cinnamon. So decadent! Our raspberry tisane is VERY popular this Summer– I think because it’s just the right balance of sweet-tart!

    1. Thanks Phylecia- it was a lot of fun reviewing the data and surveys from our guests. We all look forward to the Strawberry Delight– it’s limited edition ends in August!

  2. I love tea so much!!!!!! Moroccan mint is definitely my favorite. I really want to try Ontario Lemonade. Sounds so good! Also your photos make me want to have a tea right now! 😉

    1. Oh Cyprus must be really zest hot about now! years ago I enjoyed a lovely Apple tea from Cyprus — it inspired me to add apples to the Moroccan Mint recipe!

  3. YAY! something tea related rather than coffee haha, thats all I ever seem to see lol. Love trying new teas so will be checking these out!

  4. These are such great ideas! Although I usually only drink hot teas, I will definitely try the teas you just recommended especially the blood orange one because I love this tangerine tea I have!

    1. Thanks for the comment Tiffany! Sometimes when I forget my cup of hot tea I’m so bummed that I neglected the work of those precious tea leaves. Then I remember I’m only 1 step away from a great glass of iced tea! A reprieve!!! Acutally– I’m about to launch a Citrus Lovers Tea Time Box in a few weeks~ it has tangerine marmalade!!

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