The Warmth of a Tea Cup..


In the holiday rush and colder weather, a hot cup of tea takes on a greater meaning of simple comfort. Shared with a friend or enjoyed with your favorite book or especially when ‘Paying It Forward’ to a stranger… A cup of tea always seems  to warm the heart and soul during these cold days shifting into Late Autumn and Early Winter.

Here at the Little Tea Cart, our tea blending also shifts with the colder weather. Suddenly, the peppermints and citrus scents of late Summer teas require the strength of Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cloves for a cup of Holiday Chai to carry us through a a cold damp  November day. Likewise, Cherry Black Teas that were so lovely in the Spring  are now blended with the delightful Autumn flavors of Plum And Cinnamon to bring back our popular Sugar Plum Tea. The delicious scents of Autumn And Winter tea blends have mixed with new batches of smokey Lapsang Souchong and Oolong Teas that are being infused with local Maple and Vanilla to create our popular Harvest Moon Tea for a late-November Wedding!

Yes, my friends, it’s colder and the North winds are blowing across Lake Ontario once more with the promise of many feet of lake effect snow coming for this winter. So why not make and share a lovely pot of organic tea to take the chill off? Just follow what  our new handmade tea charm says…

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