Summer Time is Iced Tea Time!

It’s May 30, 2018… and here in Mexico, NY our temps are in the mid-90s ALREADY!

Today at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market we  reached 97 degrees!Summer Time is Tea Time at Little Tea Cart at the Watertown Farmers MarketSummer Time is Tea Time – even in early May! Folks are already looking for delicious teas to enjoy iced on such a hot day!

Tea Friends asked for something NEW to jazz up their tea cupboard. And most of us wanted something FRUITY.

So I thought why not share a list of our most popular teas chosen today at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market!

Here’s your Iced Tea Top Ten!  

#10   Ceylon Organic Black Tea





#6Lady Grey Tea Green Tea Elderberries

#5 Raspberry Tea with Apples Hibiscus Rose Hips

#4Ontario Lemonade Rooibos Lemon Peel Lemon Myrtle Lime Organic Tea

#3Blood Orange Green Tea Apples Hibiscus Papaya


Organic Black Tea Mango Hibiscus Apples Rose Hips

#1 and today’s most popular blend is:……………..(mini-drum roll there) 

Bohemian Spice Tea Cranberries Rose Hips Apples Blackberry Cinnamon

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