Tips for Celebrating the Last Days of Summer 2020…

August 1, 2020

Just like our Limited Edition Summer Tea Blends… the Summer Days are drawing to an end. It’s been a tough Summer all around, but we hope you have you been able to celebrate Summer in some ways. Here’s some ideas and a SUMMER TEA SALE to inspire you to fit more Summer fun before Autumn and the Pumpkin Spice craze comes rollin’ in!

Sunset lake ontario

Only a few short weeks left of Summer

And there are already folks asking about PUMPKIN SPICE TEA ALREADY!!! yeah- I know but I had to blend it for them– they needed it for iced lattes.

ANYHOW… before we can go into Autumn & pumpkin everything (did you know we’ll have caramel apple tea this September?!? SO EXCITING!)


How was your Summer 2020 so far? I’m sure you’ve been busy protesting for justice while also trying to stay calm & being Covid-safe with protecting others by wearing your mask & social distancing!

But I hope you’ve been able to fit in some ‘typical’ Summer fun too.

At the Little Tea Cart our Summer 2020 has also been impacted by my disability so no kayaking or fishing this year. Instead I’ve had to go into ‘vintage’ Summer mode to discover simple joys of childhood Summers- like blowing bubbles and painting rocks.

Here’s a few ways I’ve been able to fit in a bit of Summer fun …

Tea Tuesdays: Every afternoon I ‘take tea’ at 2:00 no matter where I am. But on Tuesdays I up my tea game! I go out to the lawn with a blanket, pillow, sometimes a PBJ, a thermos of iced tea and a Tea Shop Mystery book — even if it’s only a short time this is a real treat!

You can also explore a local park or other nature area. Here in CNY we are so very fortunate to have so many spaces to visit without crowds! Our favs are Selkirk Shores, Long Branch Park, and Thorden Park

Rediscover ‘Summer Camp’ – now this one is my favorite on my list and it’s a perfect excuse for getting that fishing license or finger painting!

There are so many cool ‘camp at home’ ideas you can explore! Like rock painting, lawn checkers and making tree forts to sleep in!

Just look up ‘Summer Camp Crafts’ on Pinterest and then put down the phone and go get busy having FUN… that’s right FUN! … you are welcome!!

Tea time in the Garden with Michael

Of course to REALLY enjoy all this Summer fun you’ll need to bring along some tea!

Let’s face it YOU are an Adventurer & Tea Lover!

Why would you not have tea with you?

a day without tea is like

With only 51 days left we really NEED to celebrate each of these last Summer days in all their wonder!

Let’s celebrate Summer right to September 20 (even if it includes a few pumpkins!)

Embrace each Summer day with simple picnics, swimming, Popsicles, bringing your neighbor a dish of mac salad or some bubbles, walking barefoot in the grass, and

sipping sweet tea in the shade of the porch on a warm Summer day!

brown padded dining chair
Photo by Derwin Edwards on

To help you with that I’m going to give you a FABULOUS END OF SUMMER TEA SALE

(and you can HELP me make room for the Autumn Teas !!)

Click HERE for a list of Summer Teas

that are BUY 3 GET 1 FREE !


No coupon needed! Just order 3, 6, or more Summer Teas and send us a note at check out telling us what tea you’d like us to add!

For example–

You ordered Strawberry Delight, Moroccan Mint, and Citrus Paradisi.

At check out, you’d just add a note to me like “Please send Blueberry Medley for my Freebie!” and I’ll add to your box! Easy Peezy!

Looking for even more Summer Tea Deals?

Subscribe to our list for Tea Tribe Exclusives like free local HONEY or JAMS!

Hoping you enjoy the Last Days of Summer and great tasting Summer teas!

Cheers & happy tea times!


4 thoughts on “Tips for Celebrating the Last Days of Summer 2020…

    1. Thanks for reading my blog post Tracy! Please steal away! I find if I set an alarm for 1:50pm it gives me time to wrap anything up and get the kettle going. Iced tea during the Summer is so much faster because I make a fresh batch of concentrate every morning and the teapot is cooled by afternoon tea time. I just pour it right over the ice!

  1. I love your summertime fun ideas; it reminds me to go ahead and DO some of these things before summer ends!
    I especially love your teatime outside. I usually eat my lunch around 1:30; I make my iced tea, my tomato sandwich; bring them outside with my book. I sit on my loveseat on my porch which overlooks my garden and front yard. It’s one of my best happy places. I stay out there at least for one hour (sometimes more!). I am so happy there…

    1. Thanks for commenting Tina– your Summer tea time sounds so lovely. Tea & Tomato Sandwiches go sooo good together don’t they!!! Our friends at Freedom Rains Farm have these amazing heirloom tomatoes that I’ve been eating on Italian bread every day with a little basil & mayo. great with the strawberry delight. Do you think tea & tomato sandwiches taste better when eaten on the porch? 🙂

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