Summer Tea Party in a Box!

 In the summer everything at our house… and I mean EVERYTHING  includes enjoying iced tea! Overheard almost daily in our little paradise is: 

“I’m going out to play in the garden! (ok-ok.. I’m going out to WEED the garden) Now where’s my sun hat… Oh wait, I need to make some tea first.”


“The neighbor’s kid has a little league game tonight we can go cheer ‘em on. Oh wait.. I’ll grab some tea and those frozen lemon cookies she likes!”


“It’s 90 degrees out and I just broke the darn lawnmower! PLEASE!! LET THERE BE TEA!!!”

We’ve all been there! That’s what tea breaks are for!

But sometimes the day just gets away from us. Suddenly we’re in a hurry and forget to make our iced tea! No time to make delicious Hibiscus Cooler to share with friends…

BUT WAIT! There’s hope on the horizon my busy bee tea friends!!

At the markets you asked me to find a NO FUSS and NO MUSS way to make our delicious teas into iced tea and make it FAST!!

You said you wanted it to have:

A great infuser to easily remove the tea after steeping and also one that you can let the tisanes continually steep but NOT get into your glass.

A bit COLOR for some bling! (one Tea Friend asked for a red one to match his car!)

You want it to be clear so you can see your tea steeping and the ice, flowers & fruit floating in it…

This beautiful picture is of our Ontario Lemonade sitting pretty on Sand Dollar Lane’s porch during a home tour! Click this image to check out her site for some amazing coastal decor ideas!

An infuser that won’t break, burn your fingers, or “let all those little pieces of rooibos get in the tea” 

This infuser has a handle and closes! Bye-Bye burned finger tips and tea in your cup!!

A tea pot to use all the time for both hot and cold steeping methods… and one that fits into our handmade tea cozy!

Over the past month, I’ve found and tested 13 different methods and iced tea makers to find one that past your challenges and more! (Yes! 13!—I won’t even tell you about how many different teas I used to test them with!)

Just look at all those little pieces of Rooibos that just love to escape filters so you can read your future in your cup!

Drum roll please…..And the WINNER is:  ForLife’s Mist Iced Tea Jug!

68 ounces of iced tea perfection in minutes! 

And just look how easy it is to use! 

This tea pot met all the challenges we could throw at it… So I’m placing a small order with ForLife for these wonderful tea pots!

But you know me- I just have to add a bit of FUN to everything! Not to mention I know we all love great deals!

I thought why not make it a party in a  box?  Soooo…

Summer Iced Tea Party in a Box Includes

68 oz Mist Iced Tea Jug ($60 value)…. Fast & Simple Tea with No FUSS! No MUSS!

Summer Tea Sampler! 6 of our delicious  Summer Organic Teas! ($25 value

One of a kind Summer Tea Mat created just for YOU & your tea pot by Laura Loxley Vintage ! ($27 value)

Summer Tea Recipes featuring lots of ways to use our teas from iced teas to BBQ rubs & marinades  to cookies! ($15 value)

Fabulous right?!? But wait there’s more!!!

Order HERE  BEFORE July 10 to SAVE 20% off your order! That’s a SUPER SUMMER SALE NOT TO MISS OUT ON! 

Now where did I put my glass of iced tea, teal hat and garden.. ahem weeding gloves??? 

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