Snowy Day… Again…

It’s February 7th… Mother Nature is reminding all of us in New York and the northeast that it’s STILL WINTER!  


We’re getting 10″ of SNOW today via a large storm and then some Lake Effect which always makes things a little more interesting for those of East of beautiful Lake Ontario!!! 

  But at least it’s not SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!– (a little Monty Python humor for ya there!)

Despite all the Spam.. oops I mean SNOW… the show must go on… and so it does here in Mexico, NY where the tea orders must go out and therefore so do I!!! One the advantages to living in Oswego County is that the local DPW crews KNOW how to move some serious snow off the roads! Here we measure snow in feet and visibility…and we stay off the roads if we can and our DPW crews do their best to keep our roads clear and safe. 

When it’s like this we try our best to stay home & off the roads so the DPW’s can do their important work.. And we drink lots of Tropical Greens  Tea!

Just like our DPW– the US Post Office proves steadfast to “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”.. 

Our post office here in Mexico,NY is amazing! Regardless of the weather– the Mexico, NY Post Office staff are always a delight…The postal staff in all the offices east of Lake Ontario are strong, determined, and dedicated people–and great snow drivers! 

Even back in 2007 when we had 15′ of lake effect in 4 days the local postal staff kept the mail going and the offices opened! Imagine delivering the mail in THIS!– and that’s not even whiteout conditions on the back roads of Oswego County!

But not so bad today– today it’s just 10″ before 6pm. The roads are slippery but clear thanks to the local DPW in Mexico and Richland. And doesn’t our Mexico Post Office look pretty in all it’s winter finery… 

Thanks to you for ordering online we get to shake off some of our cabin fever to have a fun visit at the post office on this snowy day! The staff are wonderful and always have a smile so it was definitely worth the snowy run to town to mail our tea orders…

Plus it’s fun to bring in colorful tea packages for mailing…. 

We highly recommend getting to know your local post office and other community service providers in your hometown… So next time you see someone’s birthday is coming up on your Facebook newsfeed, why not mail a card so you can stop in to say ‘Hello’ and thank you to your local postmaster who helps us bring our wonderful teas to your door!

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