Tea Cozies.. One of a Kind!


What is a tea cozy? It’s a cover for your tea pot or cup that holds in the tea’s steam to keep your tea hot!

There are LOTS of handcrafted tea cozies out there to bring a splash of color to your tea service from recycled sweaters to classic crocheted with everything from poms to tassels some even with  butterflies!! Tea cozy is  all sorts of ‘fun with a purpose’  for you and your tea pot!

Our tea cozies come in 2 sizes fitting either a 2-3 cup tea pot or a 6-8 cup tea pot! Contact us for special sizes and table settings featuring the beautiful hand-dyed fabrics of Laura Loxley Vintage! See below for more information about the artisans who create our lovely tea cozies!



Our tea cozies are all one of a kind! You will find none like these ANYWHERE! Created for The Little Tea Cart  through a unique  collaboration between  two amazing and renowned New York artisans our tea cozies are a true gem for your tea time and home decor!

First the fabric–Laura Loxley Vintage Inspired Goods  creates beautiful hand-dyed fabrics for our tea cozies.  She also is known for her beautiful fabric baskets! Our favorites is  ‘Vintage Sand Pail Basket’…  just look at those beautiful colors!

Laura hand-dyes all her beautiful fabrics using many different methods including shibori .  Her work is also found in our unique tea mats that you can find here

Once our fabrics are ready,  Terri Groh author and owner of Terri’s Country Crafts and Books brings the them together in our reversible tea cozies!


Terri also creates amazing aprons strong enough to last years covering for the messiest bakers (hmmm that would be me!) Here’s a favorite of ours that Terri created just recently! Definitely not your average apron! Again beautiful colors!

Why yes! We do have a matching tea cozy for this apron! You know that fabric you bought because you loved it so but haven’t used it yet? Contact Terri for a unique and beautiful item for your home!

So go ahead break free from the cookie cutter products at the chain stores– shop local and handmade for the most unique and beautiful items for your home.  You are beautiful and unique- shouldn’t your home decor and tea service be as well?



Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


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