Monkey Wrenches, Tea Parties & Good Deeds

One of my Mom’s best and often said lines to me is “You want to make God laugh Melanie Margaret… Just tell him your plans!” What this means (and I’ve asked her many times!) is that we make such meticulous plans from having a perfect dinner with friends to tea parties. All it takes is one little unexpected monkey wrench to change our plans into chaos!

Well, friends let’s just say I’ve given God some knee slappers in my time let me tell you! One of my best was a few years ago– I had painstaking worked for the perfect conference presentation, practiced and practiced my speech, and on the big day was dressed to the nines to ACE IT and DAZZLE the audience! My morning routine had gone off without a hitch– sure it was pouring rain but what can you do about the weather? So.. kisses and Bon Chance were given from my family and out the door I went…

Everything was PERFECT.

Except…….until….. I fell…. face first into… wait for it…

A pond… or what seriously seemed like one as I struggled for air and to get up!

You see at the time we had a country drive way– not some pretty one from BHG… folks these are REAL farmhouse driveways! All dirt and potholes. But mud season had turned our potholes into mini-lakes deep enough with muck going over the ankles and then some…

Our ducks loved them….

My family ran to my rescue only to find me laughing, making mud angelsin, and enjoying a Duck Pool Party …. What else could I do– right then and there I heard my Mom say her line.. and I knew the gig was up! I figure you might as well laugh- its a lot more fun! (And yes– I know how lucky I was that kids didn’t have cell phones back then!)

They helped me in the house and my son checked my flash drive while I showered away heaven only knows what from the mud & duck pool party. Somehow I showed up at my presentation on time but…

Instead of perfect hair and a GREAT suit at the conference- I wore my nicest denims, oxford shirt and vest- and hiking boots (I was taking NO CHANCES on a REPEAT PERFORMANCE!) — and yes I still nailed the presentation!

It’s one of the many ‘hold on to your hat’ moments I have that never fails to cheer me up. Plus both God and my Mom got the greatest laughs out of it– and you know how really special it is when you can make your Mom laugh!

So it came as no surprise to my family and friends when my most recent well-laid plans fell apart…. A SPRING TEA PARTY… to launch our catering services and well… let’s face it who doesn’t want to get together with great folks and play with flowers & tea!

I had planned for MONTHS our Spring Tea Party- like wayyy back in October I had started testing recipes, collecting tea cups, and making flyers. So while everyone was dreaming of pumpkins and holidays I was planning a SPRING TEA EXTRAVAGANZA! You only have to check out our Pinterest board ‘Tea & Nibbles‘ to see how FABULOUS my plans were!

As my checklist went off without a hitch– I thought “Ha- my due diligence is paying off– I’m right on track!”– and then a week before the party it happened. Chills, sore throat and a headache that by Tuesday turned into problems breathing and a fever. One look from my doctor and I knew the gig was up!

Instead of the pretty reminder card I designed for our party goers… I had to send out this…

So all the plans were cancelled, the food went back into the fridge and I went to bed with boxes of tissues and pots of tea for days to recover.

But where’s the bright spot? The little ray of sunshine? Well…. there are 2!

#1 I had pre-ordered the flowers a few weeks before for the tea cup bouquets. I had a friend pick them up and donate them anonymously to a local not-for-profit for women.

#2 I had originally reserved a space on a Friday because Saturday that weekend was booked. This meant I had lots of sad Tea Friends who wanted to attend but couldn’t due to work schedules. When I cancelled the reservation I made sure to grab the 1st Saturday afternoon available for our new Tea Date!

And here it is! On a SATURDAY!

I have no sniffles, flowers are ordered, tea cups are packed and my great friend from The Almond Cookie Company is making the desserts!

This time I’m not planning for perfection–

Just a great afternoon with YOU, yummy nibbles, fabulous teas, music, and LOTS of flowers & laughter!!! And not one ‘monkey wrench’ in the forecast. But if there is we will greet it with a smile! I sincerely hope you can join us for this event and share one of your ‘Make God Laugh’ stories !

Click HERE to ‘save your tea cup’!

Spring Tea Party

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