Last Day of Summer & Last Chance to Get Your Summer Teas until May 2019!

Last Day of Summer 2018

Note: this post was to be a reminder about the Last Day of the Summer Tea Sale but as I was writing I realized we should all take a moment before the pumpkin-everythings and Autumn takes over to remember our Summer 2018. So if you want to JUMP right into the sale click HERE Otherwise… read on friends..  

Oh Summer always ends too soon! But we’ve had such fun! On the last day of Summer it’s nice to think about all the adventures you had before moving into Autumn. 

Here’s a few of our Summer 2018 memories:

We had lots of beautiful Lake Ontario Sunsets!

Like these from Mexico Point Park   our go-to place for a day of swimming & fishing! 

 And we had a few spectacular Sunrises….Sunrise over Oneida Lake Syracuse,New York Of course, I needed the promise of a big thermos of Earl Grey with Honey to catch the Sunrises!

We also hit a few ocean beaches…

Tea Bag

And of course had LOTS & LOTS of Farmer’s Market Fun that gave us LOTS & LOTS of yummy local fruits and veggies! (I had so many veggies and fruit that I threw mini-tea parties all the time!- Party favors were zucchinis & cucumbers! haha!) 

One special Summer blessing was to get to spend most of the Summer with my big brother, Michael! We explored a lot of fishing holes! We had so much fun fishing that one evening we fished in the canoe by moonlight on Sandy Pond! (Future post coming on how to find your way back to shore after your lantern battery dies!) 

Of course, it was a VERY HOT Summer with record high temps! So for us iced tea when EVERYWHERE we did!

Jeep Life

Did you find that any Summer event or travel was yet another reason to make iced tea? We sure did! With all the high temperatures this summer I bet you made gallons and gallons of yummy iced tea!

What amazing me most about Summer 2018 is that with all the fun this is the first year I did NOT get poison ivy! I’ll have to think about HOW I did that over the winter while I’m sipping Summer Chai on a snowy day!

So how was your Summer 2018? Was imperfectly perfect? Did you play? Fit in a stay-vacation, day trips or did you travel? 

After all the Summer fun are you ready to enjoy some cooler weather, pumpkins, cozy firesides with a cuppa hot chai?

We are! But you know come January …

Mexico,NY Winter 2017
Last February here in my hometown of Mexico,New York. That’s just the snow fall from 1 storm!

We’ll all be dreaming of Summer again….

and wishing we could all run away to the tropics! 

That’s why I always offer the

Last of the Summer Teas Sale!

FREE TEAS to get you through the hardest part of Winter… and you know it’s going to be a douzy! 

So, take a moment to reflect on your past Summer. Hold the sunshine of gratitude for all the little Summer moments you shared with family, friends and even your flowers. Then get your Summer Teas for when the days of January arrive … when you just can’t take one more sip of Pumpkin Spice anything!

As for me.. well I’ll be the one in denial of Winter. You can find me at the December market wear a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, a big beach hat,  dreaming of my hammock, and sipping Summer Chai! 



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