How to make iced tea in 5 easy steps

What if I told you that you can SIMPLIFY, ENJOY BETTER TEA, and SAVE MONEY just by using loose leaf tea AND that you already have everything you need to make amazing iced tea– no fancy gadgets needed? Yep- I love to spread happiness and save you some $$$! Read on, dear tea friend, read on….

how to make iced tea with loose leaf tea in five easy steps.

I can hear you all saying “How in the heck do I make loose leaf tea into ICED TEA?!?” OR “why oh why Tea Lady does my iced tea taste bitter, like soap, watery, ________ (insert your most sad tea adjective here)?!?!

The answers my friends are NOT blowing in the wind…

(Yeah- we all need some laughs about now and you just knew that was coming!)

The answers my friends lie in WHAT TYPE OF TEA (black, green, white, tisane) and HOW YOU ARE STEEPING IT! The basics of steeping tea hold true for both hot or iced tea. For example a black tea should be steeped 3-5 minutes in 212* hot water versus a green tea that is steeped at 185* for 1-3 minutes.

See our previous post about steeping the perfect cuppa HERE

iced tea

There’s lots of options to make iced tea. From giant mason jars to fancy electric iced tea pitchers there’s so many many gadgets and more than a few gimmicks!

But you know me– I like to keep it SIMPLE– REAL SIMPLE!

and in 2020 let’s face it…

SIMPLE is a GOOD thing…

REPEAT and say it out loud–


Here is an easy way to make iced tea with loose leaf teas and tisanes…

Chances are pretty good you already have all the tea toys you need:

  • tea kettle with fresh cold water
  • infuser, t-sac or even other way to get the tea out of the water (I know someone who uses a small sieve over a mason jar!)
  • teapot, cup, or special tea pitcher to steep & cool your tea in.
  • loose leaf tea or tisanes like our Blood Orange or Strawberry Delight
  • ice
  • if you prefer honey and maybe fresh fruit like lemons, strawberries, oranges or maybe even a fruit skewer for a fruity iced tea!
  • tall glasses or pitcher

Need basic steeping instructions for the 4 different tea types? Find them HERE

strawberry delight tea

5 easy steps …

STEP 1: NOTE: Steps 1-3 are basically the same as if you were making a cup or pot of hot tea….

Pick your tea and heat your water according to it’s type. Warm up your teapot or cup by rinsing it with a bit of hot water.

STEP 2: Add your tea to your infuser, t-sac, or if tisane just put right into the teapot. We always add an extra teaspoon for the pot/cup. *remember with actual tea it’s more tea that makes a stronger cup NOT more time. For tisanes (no actual tea in the blend) it’s more time!

  • tea mugs with infusers to make loose leaf tea
  • tea mugs with infusers to make loose leaf tea
  • tea mugs with infusers to make loose leaf tea

Step 3. Steep your tea or tisane as you would for making hot tea. When the time is up just pull out the infuser or t-sac, or strain into a heat-proof container like another teapot or mason jar. The tea is now a ‘tea concentrate’

Step 4: If you want to add some sweetness ADD HONEY TO TASTE while the tea is still warm. Let the tea cool to room temperature– after it’s cooled you can place your tea concentrate in the refrigerator.

Step 5 and the BEST PART– fill your glass or pitcher with ice and fruit if desired. Pour your COOLED tea concentrate over the ice. Take your tea to the porch, sip and enjoy your iced tea!

NOTE: Only pour hot water into a heat-proof container. Using a t-sac, tea press, teapot, or cup with infuser makes for easy clean up! Need some help making your iced tea? Just click HERE TO SEND US A NOTE and we’ll hlep ya make your tea!

You know I love sharing links on Pinterest. I’ve even created a board full of great pins for recipes made with iced tea!

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Who knew iced tea could be this much FUN! Well Sarah at Snixy Kitchen sure did!

What’s your favorite iced tea? Right I’m enjoying some Ginger Peach with a scoop of vanillla bean ice cream! It’s a TEA FLOAT!!

Tell us and share a favorite iced tea recipe in the comments below!

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