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It’s that time of year… the Holidays. This year I’m trying my very best not only to be good (did you hear that Santa?!?) but I’m also making up for last year…. which wasn’t so good.  Like a classic Pinterest Fail with Style… Last year’s holiday  was completely different than I had planned… 

You see last year’s Holiday Season in our home has become legend. LEGEND … Last year I brought our teas to as many Holiday events as I could, volunteered with a few community dinners, helped a friend finish a grant, and took on 2 new wholesale accounts that involved lots of work. Normally, Thanksgiving Weekend we decorate our home and have a lovely time listening to vintage Christmas songs. But I’d been booked for catering a tea party… Yeah- I over did it as only I can! LOL!

On Saturday December 9th, 2017… it hit. Like a Mack truck. At the CNY Regional Market at 11:32. In one hour I went from happy & skippy & annoying everyone with my singing ‘Jingle Bells’ off key to “oh please put me to bed!’, horrible pain and a high temp that had my face almost purple. I can’t tell you how awful I felt– let’s just say I was crying as my family put me into the car. 

I was sick with the flu and then pneumonia until the end of January!!!

During that whole time, my little family also got sick. We quarantined ourselves and barricaded the door. If not for wonderful friends who delivered soups, tissues, and medicines in a basket by the kitchen door… I don’t know what we would have done! 

There were no cookies, carols, and parties. No guests to laugh with or pots of chai on the stove. We had our Christmas morning on couches cuddling dogs and tissue boxes. (Some how the last man standing brought home a Christmas Tree two days before Christmas, decorated it with a few lights and ornaments made of tissues before he got sick that same night!) Someone thought to add a laugh by wrapping up a can of Lysol and a can of chicken soup as a gift from Santa! The wrapping had soot on it and a quickly written note that read “Feel Better Soon”~ Love Santa… 

So why am I telling you this? Because this year I’ve made some changes to spend Holiday time flu-free with my family to make up for last year!! And those changes might impact your Holiday tea mission!! 

Wishing You and Yours Happy & Healthy Holidays!

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