Finding The Little Tea Cart

Ever feel like Dorothy did? You know the part where they meet the Great Oz and Toto starts barking at those beautiful green curtains? Which of course makes Dorothy wonder who is that? Many Tea Tribers are discovering Little Tea Cart online and not in person at the local markets. So we thought it’s a good time to offer a little glimpse behind the curtain of The Little Tea Cart and who we are….

If you have been cheering for The Little Tea Cart since our first farmer’s market or just joined the Tea Tribe you might know that we:

  • Are very small, independent tea business trying our best to make folks, whether tea rookies to pros, smile every day with a great cup of tea, almond cookies, or funny tea puns.
a day without tea is like
  • LOVE to see you and hear all your fabulous tea adventures– like how a Tea Triber carries a jar of Almond Cookie Tea to calm their dog with the smell. Or the time when a lumberjack inspired our most popular blend!

  • are OBSESSED with ideas and images of tea. Call it ‘Tea Appreciation’ without the perfection. We LOVE it when you send us your tea photos, share your Pinterest tea boards, and tag us on Instagram (#littleteacart)!
my morning cup of tea from the Little Tea Cart
  • Don’t like to post pictures of ourselves on our website or social media- our excuses being that we’re usually the ones taking the pics and the tea is far more lovely to look at. We also try not use pics of any humans because let’s face it– for tea lovers it’s really all about the tea & scones !)

What you might not know about The Little Tea Cart…

  • Melanie is allergic to Chamomile- terribly allergic. So any thing with Chamomile is blended by Kate or our interns.
  • Little Tea Cart was named by Kate- after a cute Tiffany blue tea cart we rescued & re-homed.
  • Our website, social media, ect are all DIY- which is why we embrace imperfection, a good laugh, asking for LOTS of help, and believe hard work will pay off in the end.
  • Kate loves classic rock, guitars, & Popeye. Melanie likes classical & world music, oboes, & Snoopy – how we’ve been together and laughing for 25 years is a mystery.
  • And in case you haven’t guessed it — The Little Tea Cart is MWBE, LGBT, and a PWD business. We try our best to support local & independent businesses especially artisans and farmers.
  • Although she loves to drink tea, Kate is predominately a coffee drinker and can go a week or more without drinking any tea. Melanie on the other hasn’t had coffee in over 5 months but when she does it’s THIS ONE. Shhh don’t tell anyone I told you.
  • AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: we believe happiness can always be found in cup of tea simply because it’s is a happy version of ‘time out’ for everyone.

Now that you know us a little better…

We just want to say– thank you for sharing your tea times with us and especially for standing by our little tea shop when we publicly stood up against racism and police brutality in our social media feeds.

be like tea stronger together

Being a small tea shop our forum is not large by any means. However, we want to let you know where we stand on these matters. We have tried our best to keep divisive politics ect out of our social media. Especially this year, we all need a place to rest and let the tea do the talking. You have watched our likes and shares over the years as evidence of the causes & organizations that we support both as a small business and as citizens. We don’t promote our donations to market our teas ect. That’s not why we donate, like, or share any particular cause.

Believing in tea and kindness.

We believe in the golden rule. That kindness & compassion for others ALWAYS wins. A friend of ours is a Christian minister and likes to remind everyone that in times of fear, anger and disappointment in ourselves or others that we seriously ponder ‘What would Jesus do?” … and in my case she likes to say “What would Snoopy or Mr.Rogers do?”

What we do or the steps we take may not be perfect and it may not be enough for others. But we all must stand up against hatred and injustice against others in anyway we can.

different kinds of tea

The Little Tea Cart is a safe place for everyone regardless of color, political party, sexual orientation, religion,ect. We ask that you are kind and considerate to those with different views in this space. Whether on social media, shops that carry Little Tea Cart items, or at our farmers markets both. We can all be a bit kinder.

After all tea comes from all over the world in endless varieties. People all over the world steep and drink tea in countless ways EVERY SINGLE DAY!

If you think about it… Drinking tea is like reading books– there’s so many you’ll never be able to drink them all!

So let’s focus on the tea and it’s ability to bring us together …

Our wish for you is to have…

the beauty of tea to calm you.

The steeping of tea to revive you.

Whether you are sipping tea quietly alone or sharing with others we hope tea will warm your smile and your heart.

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