Cabin Fever…

Blood Orange Tisane Tea
Bright and Cheery in every season, our organic Blood Orange Tisane is a great way to boost your Vitamin C!

Cabin Fever … When do you know if you have it?

Are you tired of winter’s cold and cloudy days? Is playing in the snow still fun or are you ‘over it’?

Are you thinking if you drink or eat anything more with cinnamon you might turn into a cinnamon stick?

Do you find yourself day dreaming of sunny beaches, barbecues and flowers?

Or maybe you are on your 3rd cold for this season and so popular at the local pharmacy they know what brand of tissues you like?

Come February we all have a bit of the winter blues or Cabin Fever and need to shake things up to make it to full on SPRING FEVER in March!

So here’s a way to run through these last 4-6 weeks of Winter with more health, stamina and cheer! Yes my friends.. the answer is blowing in the wind and in your tea cup! (You saw that one coming didn’t ya!)

Check out our Cabin Fever Tea Collection— a selection of teas for Joy & Health!

4 blends: Snow Day, Immunitea, Winter Wonderland, and Blood Orange! Plus a sample fo our Citrus Paradisi! Each tea is two ounces (15-20 servings) each for a HALF POUND of tea!)

And once we’re done with that.. it’s time to party with the Little Tea Cart! Coming in March…

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