British Invasion! Well, of British Tea Pots anyway!

This is how I feel in the morning AFTER I’ve had my morning cup of Earl Grey!Charging ahead into the day’s tasks in full colors and regalia! How about you??

Ever notice how things or events happen together? Like someone says I just love purple cars and then in the hour BAM! There’s a purple car! (Yep- that happened to a friend of mine- she calls it ‘Synchronicity’. And it happens around here at The Little Tea Cart all the time. I mean ALL. THE. TIME.

Tea pots are one example.

Four weeks ago, a friend and his family were visiting for dinner. He was looking at my tea pot collection (You know it’s not a small collection right?!?) He told me about his Mother’s tea pot- a brown one that no one else is allowed to touch because it was a family heirloom from WWII. So I brought down my 8 cup Cobalt Betty Tea Pot- a thing of beauty which made a lovely presentation for the dessert course for a nice pot of Devonshire Rose

Brown Betty Tea Pot

A few weeks have gone by and other friends have come to visit– all have suddenly noticed the Cobalt Betty! Here it in it’s Summer ‘dress’ at a tea party at Mexico Point Park on Lake Ontario!–

I use mine almost every day for the morning pot of strong black teas and all during the weekend. Yes- this little pot is a work horse!

Back to the Synchronicity– suddenly everyone is talking about tea pots!

Not the little 2-3 cuppers but the BIG ones for a crowd! Every event I’ve been to this week I’ve heard about the Brown Betty tea pots. I’ve also been asked A LOT of questions about steeping tea for crowd and if I have any 8-cup tea posts in stock…

We usually have the 8-cups in stock direct from England thanks to our bi-annual order in April and October but we sold out of the 8 cuppers during the holidays! And normally we’d be set until April.

BUT this week I’ve have 3 people asking for the 8 cup Betty tea pots and some gifts sets of cups from Adderley Ceramics.

So I decided to place an unexpected order to Adderley this week!!! It’s a British Invasion (well of tea accessories that is!)

This is the place where the magic happens in Stoke-on-Trent!

So the ‘BRITISH INVASION’ is a special opportunity to get your British orders in EARLY for yourself or for the Anglophile or tea lover in your life!

Here’s the details

*Orders close on February 8th (THIS FRIDAY) at 8pm

*Place your order for TEA POTS HERE

*Order mugs, strainers, tidies HERE

PLUS… I’m offering 2 specials just for this order!


Order any combination set and get 10% off!!! For example an 8 cup tea pot, mug, and tea strainer or a set of 4 beautiful mugs !


Get a FREE 2oz bag of TEA with any Adderley Ceramics order !


brown betty tea pot

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