About The Little Tea Cart

The Little Tea Cart celebrates the many joys tea brings to our daily lives. We believe tea is like life…  a paradox of both simplicity and complexity .. and as in life– it’s all in how we create each moment that matters. At The Little Tea Cart we seek to celebrate the beauty of  handcrafted teas in every cup,  whether you sip them from your grandmother’s heirloom porcelain or from a travel mug during your morning commute.

Why choose Organic Teas?  Organic teas are without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or herbicides. Non-organic teas are often not rinsed before air-drying leaving pesticides and other residues on the leaves that can end up in your tea cup. Organic tea agriculture supports small tea farmers that produce a higher quality of tea than those of  large mechanized  commercial estates.  Organic tea production also supports rural communities and the biodiversity of local ecosystems.  Our suppliers work directly with small tea and spice farms in China, India, Japan, Tanzania, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. We are also dedicated to sourcing our dried organic fruits and herbs from certified organic farms in New York State and the United States.          

A cup of tea is a special moment~ a time to connect with the world around us. When you sip a cup of tea you are enjoying the tastes of the world from the Blue Hills of Assam, the mountains of Guatemala and the foothills of the Finger Lakes. So take time savor the moment and our teas~ after all they are as special as you are.  

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