Where is Autumn? Does She Know She’s Late?

Autumn is a magical season! It seems abundance is everywhere whether picking pumpkins at Tim’s Pumpkin Patch or walking my dogs through the woods by Lake Ontario… Autumn is my favorite season. (Except for the abundance of ticks– my pets and I could do without those!)

This year though Autumn was shy in her arrival in Central New York. We had 80 degree weather and lots of sunshine almost to the end of October! Who wants to stack wood or winterize the yard when the last warmth of Summer won’t quite end despite what the calendar says? No one! So lots of headed out to take advantage of lots of sunshine! Around here our thought was the wood pile can wait–and why cut down and cover  the roses when they are still blooming and basking in the sun too… off to fish, picnic, and ride our bikes for a few more times…

Even our Tea Friends refused to switch to the Autumn teas– Summer blends like  Black Berry Mojito, Pina Colada, and Ontario Lemonade were still in high demand for brewing iced teas until late October!

But finally the weather shifted… Autumn arrived with storms and  cold fronts that pushed Central New York’s trees into peak leaf color of golds, yellows, and reds. In the tea room, we jumped to attention as tea orders for blends of Pumpkin Chai, Golden Harvest,  Caramel Apple, Harvest Moon, and Cranberry-Apple rushed in.

However, the best part of the season has been watching the seasonal change at the CNY Regional Market in Syracuse as tomatoes were replaced with apples, squash, and onions… golds, reds, and yellows…. and while I went out for a walk with my dogs, Autumn even paid a surprise visit to the tea room one morning  with pumpkins for my tea!  Happy Autumn & Happy Harvest Y’all! 


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