Winter & Tea

It’s mid-winter folks! Only  2 more long cold months to go!

Good thing it’s National Hot Tea Month!  At The Little Tea Cart we’ve been celebrating with a HOT DEAL to help you chase away winters cold blustery days!

Until January 31…  save 10% , get a FREE gift, and … FREE SHIPPING ! At check out use coupon code:  HOTTEA2018

Save and stock up on all your winter favorites like Snow DayWinter Wonderland, or our sweet chai blend, Sugar Plum!  

Here’s our Winter Wonderland tea paired with local honeyWinter Teas are a great way to chase the cold away! (Wouldn’t this be a nice gift for a friend!)

And why not have Summer in Cup? Mix in Summer Turmeric or Wild Berry Tisane too!  

Together with a dash of this past summer’s honey… Our delicious organic winter and summer teas will not only boost your Vitamin C but also help to chase away those mid-winter blues!

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